What is Health in Fayetteville AR?

What is Health in Fayetteville AR?

What is Health in Fayetteville AR?

What is health? When posed this question, most people say health is “feeling good”. Well? Is a person healthy if they felt fine one moment and in the next moment had a heart-attack?

Let’s explore the idea of health a little closer. If health really isn’t how we feel, then what is it? Health has been defined as – “when all systems of the body are functioning 100%, 100% of the time”. I still think there’s an even better definition of health in Fayetteville AR:

Health is the ability of the body to adapt appropriately to a constantly changing internal and external environment. Health is the “ability to adapt”.

What Does It Mean To Be Healthy In Fayetteville AR?

To be healthy means your body has the ability to adapt as best as possible. So, health has nothing to do with how you feel. In fact, you may feel lousy when your body is adapting. As you will see, this may simply be a “healing crisis”.

Let me illustrate. Let’s say you went out to eat and you got a case of food poisoning. The question I have for you is, what does your body do in order to get rid of the poison?

  • Vomit
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever

If these experiences are the normal responses to the poison, then are they a sign of sickness or a sign of health? In other words, are they signs of the body adapting properly or not?

Your Health AheadI think you’ll agree that they are normal responses – indicating your body is adapting appropriately – a sign of a good healthy response. I would go even further to say that a sign of sickness would be if your body failed to express these symptoms and your body harbored the poison to later develop into some form of chronic illness.

Yes, expressing symptoms, although very uncomfortable, is a sign of health. It is an appropriate adaptation to the internal environment of your body.

At The Gibson Center, our primary purpose is to facilitate healing, not interfere with it. To enhance the ability for adaptation, not suppress it with drugs. Why on Earth would you want to fight your body’s healing capabilities?

Why do you suppose it takes someone so long to recover from an ailment, such as the flu or a cold? The person has typically been treating their symptoms, thinking that will make them feel better. When in fact they’re fighting their body’s own healing. That is, interfering with their ability to adapt.

The lesson here – if and when you get “sick” (i.e. cold or flu), make sure you keep getting your adjustments. Do not cancel your appointments. The chiropractic adjustment will stimulate your immune system, thus providing a quicker recovery.

If someone you know is suffering from poor health let them know that there may be hidden health problems that chiropractic can help.

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