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understanding how acupuncture works

Are you looking for acupuncture in Fayetteville AR? Can you imagine how effective a health care discipline must be to stand the test of time for hundreds of generations? With a large portion of the media and research focusing their attention on the newest surgeries and medications, valuable and essential forms of health care are being forgotten. With acupuncture being practiced as a medical system for over 2400 years, its safety and effectiveness have been proven time and time again. While acupuncture alone has been shown to be the best line of treatment for many conditions, it can also be incorporated into various treatment plans to increase results and decrease treatment time. The Gibson Center would like to use this short article to provide you with some basic information about acupuncture and to see if you could be one of the millions of people to benefit from its application.

Understanding Acupuncture in Fayetteville AR

As mentioned earlier, acupuncture has been practiced as a system of medicine for over 2400 years, but its philosophy and roots predate recorded history. In fact, it is believed that acupuncture was first performed using needles that were actually formed from grinding stones into fine points. As time progressed, the first text describing acupuncture as a system of medicine was produced around 300 B.C. (The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine). Soon after its introduction, finely crafted metal needles replaced the stone variety and it has been recorded that royalty routinely used gold and silver needles. While this original text has been revised, edited, and added to for thousands of years, it still serves as the foundation for the contemporary medical system. Today, acupuncture has been incorporated into many western paradigms and is practiced in hospitals and private health care clinics across the world.

How does Acupuncture work?

With all the toxins present in our various environments, it is important that our bodies are well suited to interact and deal with each challenge that we face. While traditional and western explanations of acupuncture vary, each fundamentally deals with acclimating our body to our surroundings. After thousands of years of research, various points across the body have been located that have a significant impact on our body's overall physiology. Typically, depending on the desired end result, fine needles are meticulously positioned at these points to stimulate various aspects of our hormonal, immune, and endocrine systems. Once these systems have been stimulated, a number of neurotransmitters, natural pain killers, and hormones are released. Patients at The Gibson Center have described the following effects following acupuncture treatments:

  • Decreases in muscle spasms and pain
  • Decrease in swelling at various points across the body
  • A general decrease in pain
  • A decrease in illnesses due to stimulation of the immune system
  • Lower levels of back and neck pain
  • Fewer headaches
  • Improved digestion
  • Overall better sleep
  • Fewer injuries during recreational sports
  • Females report fewer gynecological issues

If you would like to learn more about acupuncture in Fayetteville AR or see if you could benefit from its incorporation into your current care, please contact our team at The Gibson Center today for help.

Patient Testimonials

"Before acupuncture, it was almost impossible to walk, stand, or sit. After just a couple of treatments the pain had subsided greatly. I'm active again and look forward to a pain free life thanks to Dr. Gibson and acupuncture."

"Before Acupuncture, I had difficulty chewing food without pain. I couldn't keep dental appointments due to pain. I couldn't bend down, talk, sleep on my side, sip from a straw, kiss, swallow, put on makeup or brush my teeth without pain. I couldn't even have a fan blow in my face, and I couldn't go into the cold without pain. I tried tegretol as well as other medications, but they left me half drowsy, and a mouth guard at night brought me some relief while sleeping, but did nothing during the day.

After Acupuncture, I feel like normal. This is no pain in everyday living like walking in cold wind, drinking, sipping through a straw, or biting into an apple. Makeup application is enjoyable. Movement does not bring on any pain. I am pain medication free. My vocation as a teacher is a joy now! I can sleep well on my back or my side! I have more confidence that pain is not going to control my life. I do not have to remember medication regiments. I can go out, pray aloud and enjoy a delicious meal with loved ones. Walking, talking, eating, working, driving with the air on are now a part of my normal, pain free life."

"I was about to go shopping for a fashionable cane (bad hip and knee) when I decided to ask co-workers about a chiropractor. Dr. Jean was mentioned by everyone quizzed. Not only have my hip and knee improved greatly (better movement with much less pain), I have increased energy and lower stress due to state-of-the-art chiropractic care, acupuncture and and NSRT (neurological stress reduction therapy). Dr. Jean and her staff are really special."

"Dr. Jean Gibson is a wonderful doctor. When I came to her, my pain level was an 8. It is now a 1. I have tried other chiropractors with limited success. I couldn't sleep on my right side – now I can. I have had 2 acupuncture sessions and 2 cold laser treatments."

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