chiropractic adjustments are necessary

Have you considered seeing a chiropractor in Fayetteville AR? If your spinal joints don't maintain necessary movement then discs and nerves can get pinched, herniated, bulged, and in some cases nerves can die. Lack of movement in the spine can even cause the growth of osteophytes on vertebrae. Osteophytes are bony spurs that grow as a response to decreased movement and can eventually cause the bones to fuse together. With chiropractic adjustments, you can give your body the best possible opportunity to prevent this or give your body the best chance to return to a healthy state.

Chiropractic Care in Fayetteville AR

Many of our patients explain a feeling of release following an adjustment. It is also common for our patients to report a significant decrease or disappearance of their headaches following an adjustment.

A Natural Pain Killer

Adjustments are used to put your body back to its natural state. The majority of our patients feel relief following their first adjustment and continuously improve with care.

For You and Everyone You Know

Elderly, teenagers, newborns, pregnant women, and even people who have had back, neck, or hip surgery are safe to adjust. We evaluate every individual and treat every individual with the care that is specific to them. Call us today and start your path to a healthier you!

Patient Testimonials

Low Back Pain


"My name is Emily, and I have been suffering with back pain for some time. I woke up one day, back in 2001, and was in excruciating pain. I went to the hospital and after many tests was told that I had two bulging discs in my lumbar spine. I tried physical therapy, ingested steroids, muscle relaxers, steroid injections, and later chiropractic adjustments, but the pain would continue to reoccur about once a year."

"Then, after a surgery on my foot in 2011, I twisted on the couch with my foot elevated and couldn't move. I was stuck, on the couch, in some of the worst pain of my life for weeks. I went back to chiropractic, corticosteroids, and the exercises I had been given in 2001, but nothing was helping. The pain was almost continuously reoccurring. I started trying to seek out new solutions to an old problem, but living in Waco, Texas, seeking out top-level care was difficult. Eventually, in early 2015 the pain was intense in my hip/buttocks as well as my calf and ankle, and I couldn't do anything comfortably. Sleeping was excruciating, and when I walked, I was bent like a boomerang. I was scanned for a new MRI, with the results being that my two bulging discs, had turned into four bulging discs, with one definite herniation. The prognosis was not great. Everyone told me that the problem was for life, and that it was never going to get any better, including my chiropractor in Waco. At only 35 years of age, I was completely unwilling to accept an invasive solution, and this was met with much resistance from the medical community. Then, my general practitioner refused to continue to see me, as the pain killer, hydrocodone, had recently been reclassified by the FDA, so she washed her hands of the entire problem.

I was referred to pain management, where they suggested surgery, and life-long problems, with no chance of recovery, along with some nerve deadening procedures, and more of the useless steroid injections. I was referred to physical therapy, who also suggested I should seek surgery, and who then tried to put me through the paces of rigorous strength training, along with TENS therapy, which was expensive and had no noticeable effect. After hearing surgery from perhaps the sixth provider, and reaching a point of hopelessness that anything could be done, I called Dr. D. Jean Gibson. She told me that not only did I not need surgery, but the discs could also heal themselves given the proper encouragement!

The almost eight hour drive to Fayetteville wasn't easy, so when I arrived at Dr Jean's office, I was in an eight out of ten pain. We devised a plan where I would see her for eight straight weekdays, receiving KST adjustments, Trigger Point Therapy, and Cold Laser Therapy for the pain. After the first appointment I saw a marked increase in range of motion, as well as a decrease in pain. In fact, during the first Cold Laser treatment, I could feel the pain move out of my leg, and out of my hip, settling closer to the spine! Dr. Jean also gave me some light stretches to do at home.

By then end of the eighth appointment, I was down to a two out of ten on the pain scale. Almost miraculously, I was walking more upright, and was easily able to make the long drive home. Dr. Jean made sure that when I left, I left with a plan for what kinds of providers to seek out in Waco, as well as some home devices that would help me with the dearth of back support in Waco. While things are not perfect, the pain reduction and increased range of motion has allowed me to commute to Dallas, an hour and a half drive, in order to seek out non-invasive treatments. I now have a regimen that includes physical therapy, to correct my gait and strengthen my core, in order to prevent future exacerbations in the lumbar area of my spine, combined with the home traction and negative ionization STIM treatments recommended by Dr. Jean, in order to help my back heal itself. Only one month later, I now have full range of movement, can sit on the floor, and can almost sleep through the night. My need for painkillers has been severely reduced, and my quality of life is back to normal. I have long stretches of every day where I have no pain at all, and am building back my strength. After suffering with a bad back for 14 years, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, when my back is no longer a problem. It won't happen instantly, but I have the hope, the lessened pain, and the plan necessary to see my discs through to their full recovery. I can never thank Dr. Jean enough for the things she has done for me. In fact, tomorrow, I'm getting in my car to go back to see Dr. Jean, so that she can follow up with some more treatments before setting off on a three–month adventure abroad, something I could have never considered only a few months ago. I have recommended to everyone I know with back problems, and without, to go to see Dr. Jean. Her compassion, knowledge, skills, and problem solving are a winning combination for devising non-invasive solutions to complicated health problems. Thanks Dr. Jean!"



"For the last three years I had headaches dizzyness threw-up a lot. I was sent to physical therapy different ear doctors given many pain pills. Nothing worked until I started going to Dr. Jean Gibson"

Low Back & Neck Pain


"I was suffering with lower back/hip pain, neck/headache pain, and fatigue. I was to the point I was hardly moving around after work. Since I started seeing Dr. Gibson for the trigger point therapy and chiropractic adjustments, my hips are back aligned, the swelling in my lower back is gone, my neck/ headaches are gone! Dr. Gibson has helped me to live freely again!"

Neck & Shoulder Pain


"I was in constant pain in my neck and shoulder. I had been to a neurosurgeon and pain doctor for injections without good results. The neurosurgeon was going to put plates in my neck. I decided against that and went to Dr. Gibson. After only 1 visit I saw improvement and by visit 6 the pain was gone in my neck and shoulder. I was given advice on how to prevent the same problems in the future. I am a very happy man. Thank you, Dr. Gibson."

Headaches & Back Pain


"I initially went to Dr. Jean because I hurt my back leaning over the sofa to set my 1 year old down. At the time I had also been experiencing fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and near constant headaches for over four months. I had been to four different doctors already and had a head MRI only to be dismissed or told that there was nothing wrong with me. I was so tired every day that I was going to bed before my one-year-old."

"While I had not been expecting any help on these other symptoms from a chiropractor, she not only listened to my complaints, but within a week my back pain and almost everything else was mostly resolved. Today, I'm back to normal and rarely experience any of those symptoms. In truth, I don't understand how everything she's doing works, all I know is that it does. Dr. Jean gave me my life back, and as crazy as it sounds, I am so glad I hurt my back that day.

Thank you"

Back & Leg Pain


"I had been having trouble with my back and leg for about 6 months and it had gotten to the point I could not get down or up without great difficulties. Because of a prior bad session with another chiropractor I was not wanting to go see another one. My wife, who had been to Dr. Gibson before, told me she was going to make an appointment for me and did."

"My life is changed and is back to normal thanks to Dr. Gibson and her trigger point therapy and skills. I was able to walk for the MS this past weekend for my daughter-in-law and that meant a lot to me.

I have already recommended Dr. Gibson to my friends and they agree with me. She's the best!"



"I came to Dr. Gibson because I was suffering from severe low back pain that had progressively worsened until I couldn't do simple household chores or even walk the dogs."

"Thanks to Dr. Gibson, I am finally pain free! She discovered that I was suffering from adrenal fatigue. Through a combination of chiropractic adjustments and supplements and diet changes specific to adrenal gland support, she has completely turned my life around. Not only has the back pain disappeared, but I also have so much more energy! My chores are finished in half the time and I can enjoy exercising again. My dogs are especially pleased with my recovery as I take them on long walks now. We can even go hiking now that I am not dependent on the relief of a park bench every few minutes.

Of course, everyone experiencing pain or discomfort will have their own unique path to recovery and that is what is so wonderful about the Allergy and Stress Relief Center. Dr. Gibson and her staff have so many tools, so many different ways to approach and treat whatever is troubling you. I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone and truly bless the day that I found Dr. Gibson and her wonderful staff."



"Two years ago, I had fallen off a horse and broken 9 ribs and 4 vertebrae. I had developed scar tissue and arthritis in my back. Dr. Gibson began her "magic" and within three chiropractic treatments, I was able to easily ambulate areas of my shoulder, back and hips that had been stiff and painful for two years. In total, I had 8 chiropractic treatments, some involving laser therapy to aid in healing of scar tissue, and now I'm ready to ‘get back on the horse!'"



"Dr. Gibson has helped my sister and myself tremendously in the short time that we have seen her. My sister Shirley was having daily headaches and low back pain that was affecting her stability when she walked. Shirley is a special needs person, that needs special care.

"As for myself, Dr. Gibson has performed the KST adjustments, as well as trigger point therapy.

The last visit I had with Dr. Gibson, I went in with a headache with the pain level of a '9'.After the adjustment, not even 15 minuets later my pain scale was a '2'.

Thanks for all that you do Dr. Gibson!!!!"



"I was about to go shopping for a fashionable cane (bad hip and knee) when I decided to ask co-workers about a chiropractor. Dr. Jean was mentioned by everyone quizzed. Not only have my hip and knee improved greatly (better movement with much less pain), I have increased energy and lower stress due to state-of-the-art chiropractic care, acupuncture and and NSRT (neurological stress reduction therapy). Dr. Jean and her staff are really special."



"I first visited Dr. Gibson carrying a bouquet of complaints that included low energy, joint pains and muscle pains. One year after experiencing non-invasive and non-prescription solutions I am more physically energetic and, more importantly, my core energy is increased, focused, and back in charge. Joint pain has become incidental and no longer determines my plans for the day. I am therefore able to again exercise regularly so my future is improved as well!"



"My name is Tallie. I am a patient of Dr. Jean Gibson. In 2002, I was having lower back pain causing difficulty when walking and sleepless nights. I called Gibson Chiropractic for an appointment after reading a column in the newspaper about back pain."

"Dr. Jean Gibson did an evaluation of my back pain which included an X-ray of the spine and locating the area giving me problems. The treatment consisted of spinal adjustment and trigger point therapy for the back muscles. The treatments over several visits alleviated the pain and I felt much better. I continued to seek periodic treatment over the next eight years for shoulder pain, knee strain, and pulled muscles.

Recently I began to have pain in my right hand. The pain was in my fingers and thumb joint. The pain really restricted what activities I could do, such as gardening, golf and crafts. Dr. Jean began acupuncture treatments along with massage and other chiropractic techniques. Several treatments later the pain was reduced and the thumb movement was close to normal. I can now continue to enjoy my many activities.

I will continue to see Dr. Jean on a regular basis to keep my body and joints working so I can enjoy an active lifestyle. This means Dr. Jean you can't retire anytime soon!"

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