Ways to Reduce Stress in Fayetteville AR

Ways to Reduce Stress in Fayetteville AR

Ways to Reduce Stress in Fayetteville AR

Fayetteville AR Stress reduction techniques

Try using the techniques below to reduce your stress in Fayetteville AR.

1. Listen to Music

When you feel stressed, try listening to calming music. Music has been shown to have a positive effect on the brain and body. It can lower your blood pressure, your heart rate and it also has been shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol in your body can lead to impaired cognitive performance, suppressed thyroid function, blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia, decreased bone density, decrease in muscle tissue, lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body, slowed wound healing, and increased abdominal fat.

2. Call a Friend

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, use a lifeline – call a friend! Good relationships with friends and loved ones are important to any healthy lifestyle, and being able to unburden yourself with someone you trust can put everything in perspective. You don’t have to be on the phone for a long period – just hearing a friendly voice will make things better.

3. Take a Deep Breath

Our stressed out lifestyles have led to decreased deep breathing and more shallow breathing, which puts stress on our bodies due to a lack of oxygen. If you have the time, try this easy 3 to 5 minute exercise: sit in your chair with your feet flat on the floor and hands on top of your knees. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply, concentrating on your lungs as they expand fully in your chest. When you are finished, you will find your mind is clearer and your stress is decreased.

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