Sciatic and Shoulder Issues

"Dr. Jean is the most caring and thoughtful chiropractor I have ever gone to see. She has helped me with my sciatic problems and maintains my shoulder issues so that I am in much less pain then usual. She develops a schedule that is improving my overall physical health. I never had a chiropractor do any of these things before. Her staff is fabulous and Lori, the massage therapist is the best that I have ever had. If you have any kind of pain that you just "deal" with on a daily basis, these ladies can help!"

- Kirsten

Knee pain

"I'm 86 years old and I had to have knee replacement surgery on my right knee 4 years ago. My left knee started hurting a year ago and I didn't want to have surgery on my left knee, so I tried cold laser therapy with Dr. Jean Gibson. My pain level started at an 8 out of 10, and after only 3 treatments, I have no pain! I highly recommend cold laser therapy with Dr. Gibson"

- Dorothy

Knee Pain

"Thank goodness for the Gibson Center and their use of the Cold Laser. I had a hurt knee and I had tried everything for thepain and several knee braces to keep myself walking. Just 3 sessions with the laser therapy and I had absolute "no pain". When I started the therapy I placed the pain at 7. From 7 to 0 in 3 sessions. How great!"

- DeAnna

Low Back Pain

"My name is Emily, and I have been suffering with back pain for some time. I woke up one day, back in 2001, and was in excruciating pain. I went to the hospital and after many tests was told that I had two bulging discs in my lumbar spine. I tried physical therapy, ingested steroids, muscle relaxers, steroid injections, and later chiropractic adjustments, but the pain would continue to reoccur about once a year. Then, after a surgery on my foot in 2011, I twisted on the couch with my foot elevated and couldn't move. I was stuck, on the couch, in some of the worst pain of my life for weeks."

"I went back to chiropractic, corticosteroids, and the exercises I had been given in 2001, but nothing was helping. The pain was almost continuously reoccurring. I started trying to seek out new solutions to an old problem, but living in Waco, Texas, seeking out top-level care was difficult. Eventually, in early 2015 the pain was intense in my hip/buttocks as well as my calf and ankle, and I couldn't do anything comfortably. Sleeping was excruciating, and when I walked, I was bent like a boomerang. I was scanned for a new MRI, with the results being that my two bulging discs, had turned into four bulging discs, with one definite herniation. The prognosis was not great. Everyone told me that the problem was for life, and that it was never going to get any better, including my chiropractor in Waco. At only 35 years of age, I was completely unwilling to accept an invasive solution, and this was met with much resistance from the medical community. Then, my general practitioner refused to continue to see me, as the pain killer, hydrocodone, had recently been reclassified by the FDA, so she washed her hands of the entire problem.

I was referred to pain management, where they suggested surgery, and life-long problems, with no chance of recovery, along with some nerve deadening procedures, and more of the useless steroid injections. I was referred to physical therapy, who also suggested I should seek surgery, and who then tried to put me through the paces of rigorous strength training, along with TENS therapy, which was expensive and had no noticeable effect. After hearing surgery from perhaps the sixth provider, and reaching a point of hopelessness that anything could be done, I called Dr. D. Jean Gibson. She told me that not only did I not need surgery, but the discs could also heal themselves given the proper encouragement!

The almost eight hour drive to Fayetteville wasn't easy, so when I arrived at Dr Jean's office, I was in an eight out of ten pain. We devised a plan where I would see her for eight straight weekdays, receiving KST adjustments, Trigger Point Therapy, and Cold Laser Therapy for the pain. After the first appointment I saw a marked increase in range of motion, as well as a decrease in pain. In fact, during the first Cold Laser treatment, I could feel the pain move out of my leg, and out of my hip, settling closer to the spine! Dr. Jean also gave me some light stretches to do at home.

By then end of the eighth appointment, I was down to a two out of ten on the pain scale. Almost miraculously, I was walking more upright, and was easily able to make the long drive home. Dr. Jean made sure that when I left, I left with a plan for what kinds of providers to seek out in Waco, as well as some home devices that would help me with the dearth of back support in Waco. While things are not perfect, the pain reduction and increased range of motion has allowed me to commute to Dallas, an hour and a half drive, in order to seek out non-invasive treatments. I now have a regimen that includes physical therapy, to correct my gait and strengthen my core, in order to prevent future exacerbations in the lumbar area of my spine, combined with the home traction and negative ionization STIM treatments recommended by Dr. Jean, in order to help my back heal itself. Only one month later, I now have full range of movement, can sit on the floor, and can almost sleep through the night. My need for painkillers has been severely reduced, and my quality of life is back to normal. I have long stretches of every day where I have no pain at all, and am building back my strength. After suffering with a bad back for 14 years, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, when my back is no longer a problem. It won't happen instantly, but I have the hope, the lessened pain, and the plan necessary to see my discs through to their full recovery. I can never thank Dr. Jean enough for the things she has done for me. In fact, tomorrow, I'm getting in my car to go back to see Dr. Jean, so that she can follow up with some more treatments before setting off on a three–month adventure abroad, something I could have never considered only a few months ago. I have recommended to everyone I know with back problems, and without, to go to see Dr. Jean. Her compassion, knowledge, skills, and problem solving are a winning combination for devising non-invasive solutions to complicated health problems. Thanks Dr. Jean!"

- Emily

Food Allergies

"My son Walker used to have food allergies. He would have problems with dairy and yeast products. He used to have stomach aches and break out really bad when having foods that he could not have for 6 years. He couldn't eat food like most kids in his class. Now that he has had the BAX treatments at Dr. Gibson's clinic, he can have any dairy products or yeast products. We highly recommend The Gibson Center. We see a big difference in him; he is feeling so much better, even some of the family see a difference in Walker. Thanks again to The Gibson Center they helped a lot with my son!"

- Walker

Low Back & Neck Pain

"I was suffering with lower back/hip pain, neck/headache pain, and fatigue. I was to the point I was hardly moving around after work. Since I started seeing Dr. Gibson for the trigger point therapy and chiropractic adjustments, my hips are back aligned, the swelling in my lower back is gone, my neck/ headaches are gone! Dr. Gibson has helped me to live freely again!"

- Jessica


"I suffered from chronic allergies; constant watery eyes, sneezing 30+ times a day, occasional congestion, headaches, fatigue, etc. I never had allergies as a child, but beginning as seasonal allergies in college, these symptoms worsened year after year. Until recently, I was receiving painful allergy shots, taking 4 different allergy medications, and eating Benadryl like candy. I even changed offices as work to avoid the air vents in the building, hoping this would give me relief."

"Dr. D. Jean Gibson told me about the laser therapy for allergies, and I thought "I've tried everything else…what could it hurt?!" I am so glad that I trusted her and underwent this therapy. My symptoms have diminished drastically, and I have not had a headache in weeks. I would absolutely recommend this therapy to anyone who has slight to severe symptoms. Try this before you endure another allergy shot."

- Leah


"For the last three years I had headaches dizzyness threw-up a lot. I was sent to physical therapy different ear doctors given many pain pills. Nothing worked until I started going to Dr. Jean Gibson"

- Velma

Breech Baby

"When I saw my Midwife on my due date, she told me that my baby was posterior, which could delay going into labor and cause painful back labor. After walking and trying different exercises to get the baby to turn, I was still pregnant three days later. Dr. Gibson was able to work me in for an adjustment and acupuncture. I saw Dr. Gibson at 10:00 a.m. on a Monday. She gave me an adjustment using the Webster technique which is used to turn babies. That night around 7 p.m, I went into labor. When we got to the birth center, the baby had turned to the optimal position and my labor was fast from there. I gave birth to my son at 12:19 a.m. after just a few hard pushes and no epidural. We arrived home at 4:30 a.m. Thank you Dr. Gibson!"

- Ragan

Knee Pain

"I had experienced pain in my knees for several weeks with swelling and pain. After my second cold laser treatment therapy by Dr. Gibson my pain had decreased from a level of 7 to a level of 2. It was amazing and I don't even remember the last time I took Tylenol! I am so grateful for Dr. Gibson and her professional staff."

- Cheryl

Knee Pain

"I suffered from knee pain, swelling and stiffness all summer. I could not run at my usual pace because of the pain. I came to see Dr. Jean and in 15 minutes after her work with an adjusting instruments, I was back to my usual movement without any pain. This stuff works!"

- Mike

Knee Pain

"Upon my arrival at The Gibson Center, I had a hard time getting out of my car because of the pain in my knees. Before treatment, my pain was a 9 out of a 10. After 4 cold laser treatments, my pain level is at a 1-3 out of 10. I have been able to work around the house and farm with much less pain. Standing for up to 6 hours and carrying light loads, working and playing with grandchildren has improved. Thank you for your treatment."

- Joseph

Neck Pain

"Dr. Jean Gibson is a wonderful doctor. When I came to her, my pain level was an 8. It is now a 1. I have tried other chiropractors with limited success. I couldn't sleep on my right side – now I can. I have had 2 acupuncture sessions and 2 cold laser treatments."

- Sharon

Neck & Shoulder Pain

"I was in constant pain in my neck and shoulder. I had been to a neurosurgeon and pain doctor for injections without good results. The neurosurgeon was going to put plates in my neck. I decided against that and went to Dr. Gibson. After only 1 visit I saw improvement and by visit 6 the pain was gone in my neck and shoulder. I was given advice on how to prevent the same problems in the future. I am a very happy man. Thank you, Dr. Gibson."

- Scott

Mid-Back Pain

"I came to Dr. Jean Gibson as a last resort for a stinging pain in my middle back. I have suffered with this for approximately 15 years. I have been to many doctors over this time and finally gave up because the last one told me that it was all in my head and nothing could be done. Three years later I saw Dr. Gibson's column in the local paper about Cold Laser acupuncture and I called her. After the first treatment I noticed a slight change in the stinging, but to my surprise my stomach problems of 20 years eased up a lot. She explained to me that the nerves in my middle back relate to digestive issues. After the second treatment my stomach problems were gone. Two weeks later and I can eat things I haven't been able to in years with no effect. What a blessing! After 4 laser treatments, the stinging in my back has been reduced by about 75% and is now very tolerable.

Thank you Dr. Gibson for believing that I really was in pain and working to correct the problem. I will recommend you to all I know."

- Ted

Ankle Sprain

"I rolled my ankle and sprained it during football practice, and was almost unable to walk. This was on Tuesday, and we had a big game against our biggest rival on Friday. As the starting Quarterback, I was looking at not being able to play for that game, and possibly not the rest of my Senior year season. I went to Dr. Gibson and had 2 treatments with her cold laser. The swelling went down after the first treatment and I could walk on it with no pain. After the second treatment, the swelling was totally gone and I had no pain at all. I played the entire game that Friday night – 3 days after I had sprained it – and we won! I have played every game since with no problems, and we are now headed to the State playoffs. Thank you Dr. Gibson!"

- Jacob


"Prior to treatments with the BAX Aura, my son had extreme allergies – sneezing, stuffy nose and eczema on his face. He would have flare ups whenever he played outside, or was around cut grass – which was often, since he loves the outdoors! He would take allergy medicine, which would make him sleepy and affect his schoolwork. He also would have digestive issues and say his stomach hurt whenever he ate.

After his treatments, he has had no allergy problems – even when around hay and grass. He also said his stomach doesn't hurt him when he eats anymore. He doesn't take allergy medicine any longer, and he can eat anything he wants!

I would absolutely recommend this treatment to anyone with seasonal allergies or with stomach problems."

- Mason


"Ella experienced asthma symptoms about every 2-3 months prior to treatment. Her asthma was a 7 out of a 10 in severity. This was brought on by nasal drainage and usually required steroids and/ or antibiotics. Since her treatments, her asthma is a 1 out of 10, and I've noticed much less nasal drip and she has not required any pharmaceutical treatments at all. Yeah!

I would totally recommend this treatment to other parents for their child. It is totally painless, and treats the whole person as opposed to symptoms."

- Jennifer

Torn Meniscus in Knee

"I had a torn meniscus disk in my right knee and had surgery to repair it June 2012. I continued to have pain and not trust my knee to support me. After going back to the doctor 7 months after the surgery, I was told "it takes time to heal." After a year and still no relief, I had Dr. D. Jean Gibson perform Cold Laser Therapy on my right knee. After just one visit, it was awesome. . .not near the pain. I went in for a second session of the Cold Laser Therapy, no pain at all now. It was quick and painless. All I can say, that is an awesome treatment. If I ever have pain elsewhere, I will definitely try the Cold Laser Therapy! Thank you Dr. Jean."

- Shonet

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