How Do We Adapt To Change In Fayetteville AR?

How Do We Adapt To Change In Fayetteville AR?

How Do We Adapt To Change In Fayetteville AR?

Health has nothing really to do with how we feel, but how we adapt to change. Health is defined as the ability to adapt to a constantly changing internal and external environment. For example, if you run up a flight of stairs, how well your body is able to adapt is a measure of your state of health. Are you short of breath at the top? Are your muscles too weak? Or did you fly up the stairs with the greatest of ease?

It stands to reason, if we want a better state of health in Fayetteville AR, then we need to learn how to adapt better. Well, how do we do that? Diet, exercise, rest? Yes! They are all important, however, first and foremost you must make sure your nerve system is free of interference. Why?

In order for your body to adapt, it must be able to (1) – perceive its environment, (2) – interpret it to some level, and (3) – respond appropriately. These three functions are controlled by our nerve system – the master system of the body. The process is referred to as the Cycle of Health (COH).

Subluxations in Fayetteville AR

In order to get the most benefit from proper diet, exercise, rest and other wellness habits, the nerve system has to be free of interference. The most common cause of nerve interference are subluxations in the spine. Subluxations interfere in the Cycle of Health by blocking the body’s communication between it’s three functions. Most of the time we are totally unaware of the cycle of health in action. We experience it as normal bodily functions – changes in heart rate, respiration, digestion, etc.

If the need for adaptation includes fighting off a virus or bacteria, we refer to the expression of the symptoms associated with the adaptive process as a Healing Crisis. Examples could be fever, vomiting, diarrhea & runny nose. They’re associated with detoxification.

The nerve system is the master system of the body, controlling all bodily function. It does this by adapting our body to the environment. The nerve system is susceptible to interference and a common source of nerve system interference are spinal subluxations. In addition, we learned that subluxations are known as the silent killer because we can have them with no symptoms at all.

Subluxations interfere with your nerve system.

Subluxations interfere with adaptation.

Subluxations interfere with Health.

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