Can A Fayetteville AR chiropractor Help Food Allergies?

My 5 year old grandson suffers from severe food allergies in Fayetteville AR. Is there anything you could do to help him?

Can A Fayetteville AR chiropractor Help Food Allergies?

Yes!! We offer a therapy called Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy in Fayetteville AR. We use state of the art computerized technology to measure a person’s stress response to common everyday substances. (There are no needles involved!). Then, using principles of Traditional Acupuncture, we shine a cold laser on specific points on the body to recondition the Nervous System to not react to those substances again! Unlike traditional allergy treatments, you do not have to avoid these substances in the future.

How Does Biofeedback Therapy in Fayetteville AR reduce Allergies?

The treatments are designed to reduce stress in the Nervous System, so that it will not overreact to future exposure to these substances.

Kayla W.:

“My son used to have food allergies. He would have problems with dairy and yeast products.He used to have stomach aches and break out really bad when having foods that he could not have for 6 years. He couldn’t eat food like most of the kids in his class. Now that he had the treatments with Dr. Gibson, he can have any dairy products or yeast products. We highly recommend The Gibson Center. We see a big difference in him! He is feeling so much better, even some of the family see a difference in him. Thanks again to The Gibson Center. They helped my son a lot!”

Kim M:

“Prior to treatments with Dr. Gibson, my son had extreme allergies- sneezing, stuffy nose and eczema on his face. He would have flare ups whenever he played outside, or was around cut grass, which was often, since he loves the outdoors. He would take allergy medicine which would make him sleepy and affect his schoolwork. He would also have digestive issues and say his stomach hurt whenever he ate. After his treatments, he has had no allergy problems – even when around hay and grass. He also said his stomach doesn’t hurt him when he eats anymore. He doesn’t take allergy medicine any longer, and he can eat anything he wants!! I would absolutely recommend this treatment to anyone with seasonal allergies or with stomach problems.”

I would love to help your grandson!! Call our office (479) 587-0227 to schedule a consultation so that I can show you how this therapy works.

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